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The Ombudsman (officially the Public Defender of Rights) protects persons against the conduct by authorities and other institutions if such conduct is contrary to the law, does not correspond to the principles of democratic rule of law, or in case the authorities fail to act. The Ombudsman also protects people from discrimination, performs visits to facilities housing people restricted in their freedom, strives to prevent ill-treatment and monitors the rights of people with disabilities.

Stanislav Křeček
Public Defender of Rights

Vít Alexander Schorm
Deputy Public Defender of Rights

The Ombudsman is elected by the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic from among candidates nominated by the President and the Senate. He is elected for a six-year term and cannot be removed from office. The Ombudsman has one Deputy who is also elected by the Chamber of Deputies. The Ombudsman may delegate some of his competences to the Deputy.