I think I am being discriminated against

The Anti-Discrimination Act stipulates specific areas in which unequal treatment is prohibited on grounds listed by the Act.

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I asked my employer for shorter working hours so that I could both earn money and also have time to take care of my children. Even though the situation at work allowed it, my superior refused to change the contract. I approached the Ombudsman who reviewed my case and found out that it involved discrimination. Thanks to his intervention, my employer recognised my right to a part-time job and we reached an agreement

Mr. Josef

The city refused to rent us a flat because we are a Roma family. I thought it was unfair – we are regular tenants, we work and have no debts. So I submitted a complaint to the Ombudsman. With his help, we managed to rent the flat and the city learned that the Roma people should not be treated differently.

Ms. Věra

I am 71 years old. I am retired, but still active and I run a successful business. My wife and I were preparing our vacation abroad thinking we could rent a car and travel. The car rental requires a credit card as a guarantee, but our local bank refused to issue one for me because I am over 70 years old. I approached the Ombudsman who pointed out to the bank that their conduct was discriminatory. As a result, they changed their position and now issue credit cards to all elderly clients.

Mr. Karel

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