People restricted in their freedom are treated badly

They treat you, or someone close to you, badly in a retirement home, treatment facility for long-term patients, psychiatric hospital, children’s home, prison, or some other facility, and you think that the Ombudsman should make an inspection.

We inspect facilities where people are restricted in their freedom, including:

We perform the inspections without prior notice so as to witness the actual conditions there.

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I live in a retirement home and I was bothered by the obligation to wear pyjamas all day long. I complained about that when a lawyer from the Ombudsman’s office visited us for an inspection. This helped and we can all now wear our usual everyday clothes.

Mr. Oldřich

The director of our children’s home was reluctant to give me permits to visit my mum at home on the weekends. I wrote about this to the Ombudsman who looked into it and, as a result, the director changed his mind and gave me the permit.

Ms. Monika

In prison, we were at first allowed to take warm showers only once a week. The Ombudsman was dealing with our case, then the decree was changed and we can now shower twice a week.

Ms. Veronika

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