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We can help you if the conduct of a public authority is in violation of the law, if authorities are inactive, unhelpful, slow and ineffective, or if they discriminate against you.

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I care for my elderly mother who is seriously ill and requires full-time assistance during the day. The authority granted her the lowest allowance for care and we simply could not afford to hire any help for that little money. So I approached the Ombudsman who later found out that the authority had not proceeded correctly and ensured that the allowance was increased and that they paid my mother the owed amount.

Mr. Petr

After a reconstruction of a pavement in our town, water started leaking into our garage. Our dealings with the town hall got us nowhere so I approached the Ombudsman who helped us resolve the situation quickly. Eventually, the municipality built gutters that take the water away from our property.

Ms. Martina

Thanks to the Ombudsman, I finally get the correct amount of disability pension. Before his intervention, I was getting significantly less money, just because the authorities did not take into consideration my serious long-term illness.

Ms. Františka

When I was deeply in debt and with bailiffs knocking on my door, I turned to the Ombudsman for help. Although it was not in his competence to inquire into my problems, he still gave me valuable advice on how to proceed and who to talk to.

Mr. Lukáš

  • Ombudsman nemůže jednat za vás – napřed se musíte sami snažit problém řešit.

  • Nejprve se musíte sami na úřad obrátit a počkat na rozhodnutí.

  • Když s rozhodnutím nesouhlasíte, odvolejte se. Většinou to jde. Pohlídejte si přitom lhůty – později už náprava nemusí být možná.

  • Když je úřad nečinný, stěžujte si k jeho nadřízenému úřadu, aby zajistil nápravu.

  • Když se svou snahou problém řešit neuspějete, je čas obrátit se na ombudsmana.

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