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I have problems related to my disability

We can help you if you have problems related to your disability. We encourage you to bring to our attention any systemic issues faced by people with disabilities that should be addressed, since, besides our assistance provided to individuals, we strive to improve the lives of people with disabilities in general.

Our aim is to systematically improve the lives of people with disabilities. We work with them directly, visit regularly the facilities where they live and conduct relevant research and surveys. We would appreciate if you let us know about any problems that people with disabilities have to face so that we can look into them. For example, issues such as that it is impossible for wheelchair users to get on a train, that there are not enough sign language interpreters or there is a lack of some other services that could help people with disabilities live more independent lives.

We can help

  • If you are discriminated against based on your disability.
  • If you, or someone who is close to you, are treated badly because of their disability in a facility where people’s freedom is restricted.
  • If you are unable to resolve your issue with an authority because of your disability, or if the issue is otherwise related to it (e.g. disability pension)
  • If you are having difficulties with the assigned public guardian.

The disability pension granted to our son, who suffers from a severe mental disorder, used to be extremely low. If we had not supported him, he would not have been able to get by. We asked the Ombudsman for help and he found out that the authorities had not considered the length of our son’s illness and calculated the amount incorrectly. Thanks to that, our son is finally receiving a decent pension and the authorities also paid him back the money owed for previous years.

Ms. Helena

The workers in the institution used to forbid me from seeing women, but they stopped this after an inspection by lawyers from the Ombudsman’s office. At last, I could find a girlfriend and we now live together and are planning to get married.

Mr. Antonín

I have difficulties walking and I had no parking space near my flat. Thanks to the fact that the Ombudsman supported a modification of the municipal ordinance, I can now apply for a parking space which is directly adjacent to the building.

Ms. Ladislava

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