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Press Releases 2018

10. 10. 2018

Reimbursements for compulsory vaccination of children

The Ombudswoman initiated inquiry into the un-unified practice in the area of reimbursements of compulsory vaccinations of children from the public health insurance system in situations where parents decide to postpone the...

03. 10. 2018

Judge’s nervousness is not a sufficient reason to deny consent to video recording

The Deputy Ombudsman inquired into the manner of resolution of a complaint against an inappropriate conduct of a judge of the Regional Court in Ostrava. The complaint was directed against, inter alia, the presiding judge of the...

26. 09. 2018

Job advertisements published in foreign languages in themselves do not constitute discrimination

The Ombudswoman dealt with the matter concerning potentially discriminatory practices in case of advertising job offers only in a foreign language. It follows from her Opinion that job offers made by companies only in a foreign...

19. 09. 2018

Non-smoking unit established in prisons based on the Ombudswoman’s recommendation

Number of convicted non-smokers complained to the Ombudsman that a non-smoking area was no longer delimited in their prison. Even though they had been moved to a non-smoking accommodation area, the common areas were still...

12. 09. 2018

Equal treatment of people with hearing impairments in relation to their access to education at faculties of education of public universities

The Czech Ombudsman was approached by some of the applicants for study programmes in education with hearing impairments who faced certain obstacles during the application process for the respective studies. Therefore, the...

05. 09. 2018

Disabled man received an additional back payment of his pension in the amount of 1.030.000 CZK after the intervention of the Ombudswoman

The Ombudswoman received a complaint from a man who had been severely physically and mentally ill since his childhood with no hope to ever recover. His disability pension has been for years very low (about CZK 3,000/EUR 120 per...

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