The Public Defender of Rights

The Public Defender of Rights

Protects people against the conduct of authorities and other institutions if the conduct is against the law, does not correspond to the principles of a democratic legal state and the principles of good administration, or the authorities are inactive.

He/she also carries out preventive systematic visits to places where people are restricted in their freedom and seeks to ensure that their rights are respected. The Defender also contributes to promotion of the right to equal treatment and protection against discrimination and also systematically deals with the rights of the people with disabilities.

Anna Šabatová

Public Defender of Rights

Term of office from February 18, 2014

Anna Šabatová


18. 07. 2019
In autumn 2018, The Czech Ombudsman together with the Prague Pride Association conducted one of the largest surveys among lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans people in the Czech...
17. 07. 2019
Where a building suffers from fundamental defects, the construction authority will require that its owner provide for a remedy. If the owner then fails to act, the authority will...
11. 07. 2019
In 2016, the Office for the Protection of Competition (the antimonopoly authority, further referred also as “OPC”) proposed to introduce the fee of CZK 10.000 (EUR 390) for an...
04. 07. 2019
Number of international organisations and networks, namely ENNHRI, Equinet, GANHRI, IOI and OHCHR Europe, recently issued a statement in which they openly supported the...
19. 03. 2019
The Defender inquired into a complaint where the complainant alleged that his employer was discriminating against employees because of their age. Allegedly, employees over 65...
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