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Scope of Public Defender’s authority

Equal treatment and discrimination

Since 2009, the Ombudsman has acted in the role of the national equality body responsible for equal treatment and protection against discrimination. The Ombudsman’s goal is to provide victims of discrimination with methodological assistance, conduct research in the area of discrimination and issue recommendations to promote equal treatment.

Family, healthcare and labour

Each year, the Department of Family, Healthcare and Labour handles about 1,200 complaints, including approximately 50 complaints from children.

Judiciary, migration, finance

Each year, the Department of the Judiciary, Migration and Finance deals with about 1,000 complaints falling within three areas: State administration of courts, immigration law and taxes, fees and customs duties.

Monitoring of rights of people with disabilities

Since 2018, we have been monitoring the protection of rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the Czech Republic. We have provided information on our findings to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and also to national authorities.

Public order

The Department of Public Order deals with a large range of issues: infractions (both traffic infractions and infractions against civil cohabitation), transport and administrative matters, including public roads, as well as traffic signs, driving licenses, consumer protection, population records and the related issue of identity cards, passports, activities of registry offices, etc.

Rules of construction procedure

Construction is the second largest area dealt with by the Ombudsman. However, in addition to the area of the construction sector itself, the Department of Construction Procedure also deals with environmental issues, monument care, funeral services, as well as protection against excessive noise and animal welfare. Each year, we deal with approximately 900 complaints.

Social security

Social security is the most common cause of complaints filed with the Ombudsman. Each year, the Department of Social Security handles about 1,500 complaints related to pensions and benefits.

Supervision over restrictions of personal freedom

The Ombudsman also serves in the role of the “national preventive mechanism”, protecting people restricted in their freedom against ill-treatment. Therefore, the Department of Supervision over Restrictions of Personal Freedom carries out visits to places where persons restricted in their freedom are or may be present.