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Health insurance companies have to inform the insured persons about their debts

27. 02. 2020

The Ombudsman dealt with the case in which the health insurance company informed the complainant of a debt in the amount of CZK 1,080 (for one month) for the first time more than five years after it arose. The penalty for that period had already exceeded the debt itself. The insurance company did not inform the complainant that she could apply for waiver of the penalty after having paid the outstanding premiums. The complainant was surprised about the existence of the debt also because she had already been registered with another insurance company for two years.

The Ombudsman stated that a health insurance company should regularly check the performance of the insured persons’ duties in payment of premiums for public health insurance (no less than once a year). If any debt is found, the insurance company has to inform the insured person without delay. At the same time, it should advise him/her of the possibility to apply for waiver of a penalty.

In the end, the health insurance company adopted the measures suggested by the Defender – to carry out the relevant checks at least once a year and to properly notify the insured persons.
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