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New collection of opinions on the topic Citizenship of the EU

10. 04. 2018

Ombudswoman published a collection of opinions on the topic Citizenship of the European Union. This publication is a presentation of work of the Public Defender of Rights with relation to European Union law throughout all agendas, which she deals with. The publication of the collection is connected with the new competence of the Ombudswoman which is to provide help to citizens of the European Union who have exercised their right to free movement within the EU.

The collection of opinions presents cases of Czech citizens residing abroad or citizens of the EU residing in the Czech Republic, who have turned to the Ombudswoman in the past. It summarizes the fundamental rules and key findings from the areas which she deals with and where there are problems with the application of European law.

Since the beginning of this year, thanks to the newly acquired competence the Ombudswoman may provide legal assistance in cases of alleged discrimination on grounds of nationality, carry out research and analysis of the exercise of the right of free movement of EU citizens and communicate with foreign bodies. The Ombudswoman now has the authority to deal with the problems of foreign nationals systematically. Migrant workers from the Czech Republic who face discrimination on the labour market in other EU countries may rely on the bodies abroad which perform the same tasks, since every EU member state designated such a body.

The collection may be downloaded here

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