AKTUÁLNĚ: Українці, увага! Тут ви можете знайти важливі посилання з інформацією про ваше перебування в Чеській Республіці.

Published on March 24, 2022 News

Ukrainian Commissioner for Human Rights Will Use Materials from Czech Ombudsman for Informing People Leaving Ukraine for Czech

At online meeting, Ukrainian ombudswoman Lyudmyla Denisova appreciated activities of Czech ombudsman regarding arrivals of people from war-affected Ukraine. She also asked ombudsman Stanislav Křeček to share his information leaflets and other materials and links to help people who flee Ukraine facilitate  their stay in the Czech Republic.

The Ukrainian ombudswoman wants to share materials of Czech ombudsman on her website and social networks to people who are considering leaving the country. Her Office will also use them as a source of information for operators of its own 24-hour information line. The hotline receives calls from both people who are currently planning to leave the country and those who have already left.

Since the beginning of the war, Czech ombudsman has been providing a list of important links and information in Ukrainian on the website. It draws attention to the dangers of exploitation and human trafficking. He has also produced several special leaflets, including questions and answers for children. The Office's staff assists with the registration of Ukrainians at the Brno Department of Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of Interior as well as at the Regional Assistance Centre at the Brno Exhibition Centre.

During the one-hour online meeting, the Ukrainian ombudswoman informed Czech ombudsman about current situation in Ukraine. According to her, the Russian Federation's attacks are deliberately targeting civilian targets and populated areas. For example, she said that since the beginning of the conflict, bombing has hit 600 educational establishments, including 122 kindergartens.

She also noted that, according to available information, soldiers were taking people from occupied areas into the territory of the Russian Federation against their will. According to estimates, there may already be 366 000 people taken from Ukraine. People whom her Office was able to contact reported they were not allowed to take their personal belongings or documents.

Within Ukraine, Denisova said, up to 6 million people have made their way to safer areas. A further 3.5 million people have chosen to emigrate, including 1.5 million children.

Czech ombudsman Stanislav Křeček has assured his Ukrainian counterpart that people arriving in the Czech Republic have all possible assistance available regarding residence, accommodation, material security and, for example, education of children. He also assured her that within the framework of his mandate he keeps overseing the protection of the rights of newcomers.


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