ALERT: Українці, увага! Тут ви можете знайти важливі посилання з інформацією про ваше перебування в Чеській Республіці.

Published on February 25, 2022 News

Public Deffender of Rights on Current Events in Ukraine and Assistance of its Citizens

Unilateral aggression against a sovereign state is in direct contradiction to the norms and social ethics of the 21st century. Protecting the rights and lives of people, as well as the future of the nation targeted by this extreme act, is a major challenge for the entire international community. Our sympathies are with all those directly affected by today's events and we deplore the unnecessary loss of life on both sides of the conflict. We stand with those who defend human rights anywhere in the world.

Ukrainian citizens living in the Czech Republic who are currently contacting the ombudsman office to resolve problems with their residency in the Czech Republic are advised to follow the website of the Ministry of Interior:  

The Ministry is trying to respond to the rapid development of events in a helpful way.

It has set up a special email address and a telephone hotline +420 974 801 802 where people can find out practical residence information.

The Ministry also thanks Czech people for their expressions of solidarity and says that they will be pleased to receive offers of catered mass accommodation.

The Refugee Facilities Administration has set up an e-mail address for this purpose:


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