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Social services must be defined directly by law, agreed the Ombudsman's Advisory Body on the Rights of People with Disabilities

July 8, 2024 News

At its meeting in June, the Advisory Body on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities called for the Deputy Ombudsman to discuss with the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs key issues related to the transformation of social services. In particular, the need to enshrine the definition of community-based social services directly in law. The legislators could add it, for example, to the currently discussed regulation of the so-called social and health borderline.

The Ombudsman has been successful in correcting the authorities’ mistakes and in promoting systemic changes. He summarises his work in 2023 in the annual report

June 3, 2024 News

Stanislav Křeček and Vít Alexander Schorm have presented the Annual Report of their office for the year 2023. They welcomed the fact that ministries and authorities had successfully used the Ombudsman’s findings to correct maladministration in individual cases and to change inappropriate practices. On the other hand, they also drew attention to some topics that remained open, such as the transformation of large institutions for people with disabilities and, above all, the upcoming establishment of a children’s ombudsman.

The Czech Republic celebrated the 20th anniversary of its membership in the European Union. How does the Ombudsman help EU citizens?

May 13, 2024 News

The Ombudsman helps EU citizens in various areas and situations, for example when they are disadvantaged at work, when they are claiming parental allowance or pensions or if their children have not received enough language support at school. EU citizens or their family members can ask the Ombudsman for help when they experienced unequal treatment due to their nationality. For more information about the Ombudsman's assistance to EU citizens, see the Ombudsman's website.

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