The Public Defender of Rights
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The Public Defender of Rights

Protects people against the conduct of authorities and other institutions if the conduct is against the law, does not correspond to the principles of a democratic legal state and the principles of good administration, or the authorities are inactive.

He/she also carries out preventive systematic visits to places where people are restricted in their freedom and seeks to ensure that their rights are respected. The Defender also contributes to promotion of the right to equal treatment and protection against discrimination.

Anna Šabatová

Public Defender of Rights

Term of office from February 18, 2014

Anna Šabatová


26. 06. 2018
Nearly 30 years after the Velvet Revolution the Czech ombudsman still receives complaints regarding the return of the property confiscated by the Communist regime. In the past...
06. 06. 2018
Effective from 1 December 2017, the statutory rules for payment of subsistence support benefits have changed. The labour office must mandatorily pay at least 35% of the benefits...
23. 05. 2018
A woman approached the Ombudsman with a complaint that she had often been denied access to a shop with her baby carriage. She specifically described a case involving a corner shop...
09. 05. 2018
The Ombudswoman was approached by a girl placed in institutional education (a children’s home). She claimed that the home was forcing her to enrol in a secondary school she did...
23. 04. 2018
On 17 April 2018, the Ombudsman presented the new mandate in the field of protection of the rights of EU citizens to the EU and EEA Ambassadors. The meeting was held at the French...
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