The Public Defender of Rights

The Public Defender of Rights

Protects people against the conduct of authorities and other institutions if the conduct is against the law, does not correspond to the principles of a democratic legal state and the principles of good administration, or the authorities are inactive.

He also carries out preventive systematic visits to places where people are restricted in their freedom and seeks to ensure that their rights are respected. The Defender also contributes to promotion of the right to equal treatment and protection against discrimination.

Anna Šabatová

Public Defender of Rights

Term of office from February 18, 2014

Anna Šabatová

Press Releases

25. 06. 2014
Ombudsman Anna Sabatova have checked seven illegal social care institutes for the elderly suffering from dementia and found out that the care is unprofessional and bad and the...
23. 06. 2014
Ombudsman was approached by a complainant requesting an inquiry into the procedure of the Ministry of Justice in supervising the activity of a court distrainor. She found the...
19. 05. 2014
The Defender received a complaint with request for help from a complainant who upon his 18th birthday left a children’s home and found his own housing. With respect to his...
28. 04. 2014
A total of 2,027 submissions were received in the first quarter of 2014, which is down 230 compared to the same period last year. The number of cases in relation to public...
03. 03. 2014
In his last report for the Chamber of Deputies the previous Defender informed about his comments on non-legislative document concerning of establishing a monitoring mechanism.
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