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Unregistered Social Care Facilities

These facilities usually hold just a trade licence for the provision of accommodation, catering, and sometimes for the provision of services for the family. This does not authorise them to provide social care and healthcare to persons dependent on care. Accommodation facilities providing care without the mandatory authorisation to provide social services (registration) pose an increased risk to the life, health and human dignity of the elderly or other people dependent on care. The quality of the services and care provided in them is not bound by mandatory quality standards and there is a general lack of qualified personnel.

It is unfortunately impossible to find out how many of these facilities exist. They present themselves as homes, hotels or guest houses providing above-standard care or assistance. Since they have not even applied for registration to provide social services, authorities are not aware of their existence. Thus, the care for the clients is beyond any public control in the area of provision of social and healthcare services and even the fundamental rights and fulfilment of the essential needs cannot be guaranteed to clients. Inspections are usually carried out only when authorities become aware of the existence of a facility based on a complaint or a case of a serious threat to health.

The visits to the unauthorised facilities have confirmed that instead of specific care and protection on grounds of health condition and loss of self-reliance, clients are exposed to unacceptable restraining and organizational measures. In addition, inexpert and restrictive procedures followed by the personnel may, or even do, result in a harm to the clients. Thus, clients are exposed to ill-treatment.

 Report from the Residential Facilities Providing Care without Authorisation (2015) (1 MB, Adobe Acrobat document)

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