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Protection of Persons Restricted in their Freedom

Social Care Institutions

Themed Visits to Homes for the Elderly

Themed visits to 17 social service facilities for elderly people (hereinafter the “homes for the elderly”) were performed from April to October 2008. During the themed visits, the Defender concentrated primarily on the issue he had pointed out in his 2007 Annual Report. These include, in particular, the issue of factual inequality of parties concluding an agreement on the provision of a social service, the unsatisfactory position of persons formally capable of legal acts but in fact unable to make decisions on themselves or the non-uniform approach of founders to the division of services into basic and facultative services. The Defender also dealt with the financial aspect of client’s stay in the facilities.

 Details can be found in enclosed file. (685.2 kB, Adobe Acrobat document)

October 2008

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