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Social Care Institutions

Visits and activities in 2006

Systematic visits were conducted in five social care institutions for physically handicapped adults (hereinafter SCI or institution). The reason for visits to social care institutions was the fact that these facilities had stood outside the Defender’s former mandate (the provisions of Section 1 (3) of the Act). Furthermore, the general conditions in social care institutions, especially the rights and obligations of those within them had not been regulated by law at the time of the visits (this area was merely partially governed by rules and regulations and other lesser legislation) with the single exception of Section 89a of Act No. 100/1988 Coll., on Social Security as amended, which introduced certain obligations of the institution (as of October 1, 2005) related to the use of measures limiting the freedom of movement of persons. With the coming into effect of Act No. 108/2006 Coll. on Social Services and related implementing decrees, the provision of social services will newly be regulated by law. The protection of the rights of patients and the quality of provided services is governed by the Standards of Quality in Social Services, a set of criteria that define the required necessary quality of provided social services in terms of personnel, procedures and operation. The introduction of these standards in practice on a nationwide scale will make it possible to draw comparisons of effectiveness among different types of service that address the same type of unfavourable social situation, as well as the effectiveness of different types of facility that provide the same type of service. During the conducted visits, standards were elaborated on various levels in different facilities.

Social care institutions for physically handicapped adults (in accordance with the wording of Act No. 108/2006 Coll. on Social Services) provide comprehensive social services to physically handicapped adults (especially accommodation, meals, nursing, rehabilitation, facultative social activities, organisation of free time activities, employment, etc.).

The facilities selected for visits were those with various founders, located in different regions and of various sizes.

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