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Facilities for the Detention of Foreigners

Facilities for the detention of foreigners and asylum reception centers are facilities where foreigners are restricted in their freedom. The Defender carries out preventive systematic visits in these facilities and deals with individual complaints of persons placed in there.

The grounds on which a foreigner may be detained as well as the conditions of the detainment are regulated by the Act no. 326/1999 Coll., on the residence of foreigners in the Czech Republic. The conditions for the functioning of asylum reception centers and the grounds on which a person seeking the international protection may be detained are regulated by the Act no. 325/1999 Coll., on asylum.

The asylum reception centers are used for the detention of those seeking international protection during the time required to perform basic entry procedures (e.g. identification, medical examination). The facilities for the detention of foreigners are used to detain foreigners for the purposes of the implementation of an administrative expulsion and or an administrative transfer to authorities of another state.

The rights of foreigners restricted in their freedom are guaranteed not only by the aforementioned codes but also by the constitution and numerous international treaties. The European Union legislation also becomes an important source of law (the Dublin III regulation, the Return Directive). Conditions in European detention centers for foreigners are examined by the European Court of Human Rights.

FAQ's: Facilities for the Detention of Foreigners

Visited facilities of facilities for the detention of foreigners

Map of already visited facilities

Reports from visits of facilities for the detention of foreigners

 Visits of the Facility for Detention of Foreigners Bělá-Jezová (December 2016) (1.3 MB, Adobe Acrobat document)

 Evaluation of the visit of the Facility for Detention of Foreigners Bělá-Jezová (December 2016) (299.4 kB, Adobe Acrobat document)

 Evaluation of the visits of the Facility for Detention of Foreigners Bělá-Jezová (August and October 2015) (1.6 MB, Adobe Acrobat document)

 Report on Visit to the Facility for Detention of Foreigners Bělá-Jezová (August 2015) (1.1 MB, Adobe Acrobat document)

Visits and activities in 2012

Visits and activities in 2011

Visits and activities in 2010

Visits and activities in 2007

Visits and activities in 2006

Report from visits of facilities for the detention of foreigners (July 2006) - summary

Other documents

 Draft Standards Framework for the Treatment of Immigration Detainees (614.5 kB, Adobe Acrobat document)

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