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Strengthening the Public Defender of Rights’ activities in human rights protection

Pursuant to Act No. 349/1999 Coll., on the Public Defender of Rights, as amended, the Public Defender of Rights (hereinafter the “Defender”) has, from the very beginning of the institution, protected individuals against acts of selected public authorities and institutions in order to carry out his or her explicit statutory role of contributing to the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms. The Defender is active not only within the framework of maintaining basic lawfulness; in addition to protecting the principles of good governance, the Defender also monitors the observance of rule of law to the extent in which it is inseparably linked with the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms in modern democratic countries. In the years that followed the establishment of the Defender’s institution, new responsibilities closely linked with human rights were added to the Defender’s portfolio, including e.g. protection of persons deprived of liberty, equal treatment and protection against discrimination.

At the present time, the Defender, i.e. the Office of the Public Defender of Rights (hereinafter the “Office”), which provides for the professional, organisational and technical support of the Defender’s activities, has sufficient resources to fund its basic roles and responsibilities. However, the Defender lacks resources to cover a broader range of activities with a society-wide impact aimed at promoting systemic changes.

The project aims to address this situation by hiring new staff for four of the Office’s departments:

  1. The secretariat of the Defender and her Deputy, with the objective of consistent and systematic application of international and constitutional standards of human rights protection in the Defender’s work;
  2. The Department of Supervision over Restrictions of Personal Freedom, to strengthen prevention of ill-treatment;
  3. The Department of Family, Healthcare and Labour, to strengthen the protection of vulnerable children and their families and to promote the rights of children;
  4. The Department of Equal Treatment, to boost the exercise of the right to equal treatment and protection against discrimination.

This pre-defined project No LP-PDP3-001 is fundend by Norway Grants 2014 – 2021 (programme Human Rights) and will enable to carry out analytical, research and awareness-raising activities helping to improve the situation of vulnerable and marginalised groups, both in terms of protection of their rights and in terms of obtaining the competences necessary to exercise these rights.

The Office will forge a new partnership with the Norwegian National Human Rights Institution(i.e. the Norwegian NHRI), which is experienced in promoting human rights approach within its activities. Employees of the Office will visit the Norwegian NHRI in order to obtain know-how and familiarise themselves with best practices and working methods of their Norwegian colleagues.


  • On 5 March 2020, we started series of educational seminars for employees of facilities detainig person subject to resricted personal freedom. The first topic were findings during the visits to the facilities for children requiring immediate assistance. Seminar was opened by the speech of the Deputy to the Public Defender of Rights Monika Šimůnková. You can see the other informations  here (112.1 kB, MS Word document).

  • On 15 January 2020, we organized an opening press conference where the Public Defender of Rights Anna Šabatová introduced the project Strengthening the Public Defender of Rights’ activities in human rights protection. Present journalists were informed about its goals and international cooperation. You can see the press release here.

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