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Press Releases 2020

08. 05. 2020

The Ombudsman called on the Prime Minister to take an action against the unprofessionalism of the Ministry of Regional Development

The Ombudsman addressed the Prime Minister with the objections to the non-standard and unpredictable actions of the Ministry of Regional Development in connection with the draft Building Act.

04. 05. 2020

People over 75 years of age cannot be excluded from a public opinion poll which is to replace a local referendum

The complainant challenged steps taken by the Statutory City of Ostrava on the grounds of discrimination against elderly people as the city had excluded people over 75 years of age from a public opinion poll regarding a plan for...

27. 04. 2020

Permanent residence of citizens living abroad and local fees

The complainant, a Czech citizen, left the country in 1987. In 1995, when he returned to the Czech Republic to obtain a passport, the municipal authority issued to him a certificate of citizenship, where it stated Australia as...

17. 04. 2020

The CRPD Department’s survey on the employment of people with disabilities in the public sector

Within Article 27 of the Convention (work and employment), we conducted a survey focusing on mapping the conditions of and impediments to employment of people with disabilities in the public sector. Indeed, we assume that public...

08. 04. 2020

Fair unemployment benefits even without the employer’s confirmation

The Ombudsman dealt with the case in which the employer failed to issue any documents to the complainant following termination of her employment. She was thus unable to prove her average monthly net earnings and the labour office...

30. 03. 2020

The main activities of the National Preventive Mechanism in the 4th quarter of 2019

Systematic visits and monitoring of expulsion We visited five facilities and monitored one administrative expulsion of a foreign national, specifically from the Facility for Detention of Foreigners in Bělá-Jezová via Václav...

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