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Press Releases 2020

30. 03. 2020

The main activities of the National Preventive Mechanism in the 4th quarter of 2019

Systematic visits and monitoring of expulsion We visited five facilities and monitored one administrative expulsion of a foreign national, specifically from the Facility for Detention of Foreigners in Bělá-Jezová via Václav...

18. 03. 2020

Child’s right to be in contact with his/her tutors

On application of a body for social and legal protection of children (BSLPC), the court issued a preliminary injunction whereby it removed a child from his tutors and placed him in a diagnostic institution. The BSLPC failed to...

10. 03. 2020

Stanislav Křeček elected as the new Public Defender of Rights

Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic elected Mr. Stanislav Křeček as the new Public Defender of Rights for the term of six years. Mr. Křeček succeeded Ms. Anna Šabatová and took his office on 19 February 2020.

09. 03. 2020

In two cases, the Supreme Court confirmed the Defender’s previous legal opinion

A Muslim girl of Somali origin was unable to study at the Secondary Medical School in Prague because she insisted on wearing a hijab. The Defender concluded that the provision of the school regulations which prohibited the...

05. 03. 2020

Awareness-raising seminar “Findings from Systematic Visits to Facilities for Children Requiring Immediate Assistance”

As part of the Plan to Expand the Human Rights Activities of the Public Defender of Rights, the Office of the Public Defender of Rights has launched a series of educational seminars for employees of facilities detaining persons...

27. 02. 2020

Health insurance companies have to inform the insured persons about their debts

The Ombudsman dealt with the case in which the health insurance company informed the complainant of a debt in the amount of CZK 1,080 (for one month) for the first time more than five years after it arose. The penalty for that...

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