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Press Releases 2018

17. 04. 2018

Ombudsman increasingly dealing with social security problems

The total number of complaints delivered in 2017 to the Ombudsman was 8,191. People increasingly turn to the Ombudsman's Office with their problems in the sphere of social security and also number of complaints concerning work...

10. 04. 2018

New collection of opinions on the topic Citizenship of the EU

Ombudswoman published a collection of opinions on the topic Citizenship of the European Union. This publication is a presentation of work of the Public Defender of Rights with relation to European Union law throughout all...

08. 03. 2018

Ladies’ coupés on Czech Railways trains are all right

Ladies coupés on Czech Railways trains were introduced in 2012 after Czech Railways received a considerable number of complaints from passengers (especially women) claiming that they do not feel safe in the trains while sitting...

26. 02. 2018

Czech and Austrian Ombudsmen to discuss cross-border problems concerning social security benefits

Anna Šabatová, Czech Ombudswoman, and Günther Kräuter, one of three Austrian Ombudsmen, together with their colleagues from the social security departments met in Vienna on the 20th February and discussed the cross-border...

12. 02. 2018

Siblings have the right to grow up together

The foster family was carrying for a group of five siblings for three years. They had very strong ties both to the foster parents and to their wider family. According to the Public Authority for Social and Legal Protection for...

05. 02. 2018

Czech Ombudsman to help EU citizens to fully exercise their right to free movement

From January 2018, Public Defender of Rights of the Czech Republic became the body that shall contribute to the full exercise of free movement of EU citizens.

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