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Press Releases 2013

05. 09. 2013

EC launches action against Czech Republic over foreigners' registration

The European Commission (EC) has launched proceedings EU Pilot before court action against the Czech Republic over Visapoint, the Foreign Ministry's system for foreigners' registration, on the initiative of the Czech Ombudsman.

07. 08. 2013

ECHR confirmed the Ombudsman’s findings concerning humiliating treatment

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg last week convicted the Czech Republic of inhuman and humiliating treatment of a detained man at a police station, which is the first similar verdict related to Czechs.

25. 07. 2013

EU court deals with Slovak benefits issue also on the initiative of the Czech ombudsman

The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg has started dealing with the issue of long-time care benefits that Slovakia is not paying to its citizens living in the Czech Republic, on the initiative of Czech ombudsman Pavel...

09. 07. 2013

Ombudsman is the most popular Czech public institution

Ombudsman Pavel Varvarovsky is the most popular institution of the Czech social and political life, followed by President Milos Zeman, according to a CVVM's agency poll.

21. 06. 2013

No foreigner can be expelled at the Czech airports at once

(CTK) – Foreigners must not be expelled at Czech airports immediately, on the basis of the ombudsman's opinion. The ombudsman criticised the order on immediate expulsion and therefore the foreigner police must not apply it any...

27. 05. 2013

Cooperation with Pro bono aliance shows first signs of success

Ombudsman successfully handed two cases concerning discrimination to attorneys providing pro bono services. Both were concluded by an out-of-court settlement and the satisfaction of the claim of discrimination victims.

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