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Press Releases 2010

10. 02. 2010

Exercise of social and legal protection of sexually abused children

Based on news in the media, the Defender opened an inquiry into the procedure of the children’s home in Uherský Ostroh and the Brno-north municipal office. The objective of the inquiry is to ascertain whether both institutions...

01. 02. 2010

Comments on the draft strategy for the law on the defender of children

In the Defender’s opinion, the draft strategy for the law suffers from a fundamental shortcoming, since the individual categories of children’s ombudspersons in Europe have not been studied sufficiently for making a political...

12. 01. 2010

Failure to provide information by the Czech Trade Inspection Authority

In 2006 to 2009, the Defender performed two key inquiries into selected model cases of failure to provide information on inspections and administrative offences of entrepreneurs. Both involved administrative bodies falling within...

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