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Press Releases 2009

15. 07. 2009

Complaint concerned with the “I, Muslim” programme

Complaint concerned with the “I, Muslim” programme The deputy of the Defender closed an inquiry against the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting concerning sanction proceedings against Czech Television due to...

23. 06. 2009

Manner of handling used railroad ties

Manner of handling used railroad ties On her own initiative, the deputy of the Defender decided to inquire into the manner of handling used railroad ties. She had learned from several complaints that although contaminated by a...

23. 06. 2009

Exceeded noise limits on the D1 motorway

Exceeded noise limits on the D1 motorway A complainant contested the procedure of the Regional Health Authority of the South Moravian Region, which had permitted the Road and Motorway Directorate to operate a source of noise...

23. 06. 2009

Construction of the new National Library

Construction of the new National Library The Defender closed an inquiry into the procedure and decision-making of the Office for the Protection of Competition with respect to the architectonic competition for the design of a new...

23. 06. 2009

Non-granting of a short-term visa

Non-granting of a short-term visa The case was concerned with the rejection of an application for the granting of a visa for a stay up to 90 days (a so-called tourist visa) to the complainant’s Egyptian friend. The Defender...

23. 06. 2009

Entrusting children to the care of their wider family

Entrusting children to the care of their wider family The Defender opened an inquiry on his own initiative into the matter of minor children whose mother had been detained in April 2008 and taken into custody. The authority for...

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