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News from discrimination

News from discrimination 2015

17. 08. 2015

Public Defender of Rights launched new publication on discrimination and underreporting in the Czech Republic

The aim was to explore the experience of the Czech population with discrimination, and to analyse individual, social and institutional obstacles that the victims of discrimination encounter when attempting to assert their rights.

03. 08. 2015

Annual report 2014 of Czech Public Defender of Rights

The Czech Defender’s activities in the area of equal treatment and protection against discrimination in 2014 were characterized by tackling discrimination cases and providing educational support to duty bearers. The Defender...

29. 07. 2015

Access to employment is more difficult for elder people

Similarly to the previous years, the most frequently claimed grounds of discrimination in the scope of Public Defender of Rights´ agenda in the Czech Republic is age. As some employers use recruitment agencies to select employees...

10. 06. 2015

Incorporation of Discrimination by Association in the Czech Anti-Discrimination Act

The Czech Public Defender of Rights recommends to the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament adding a paragraph in the Anti-Discrimination Act in case Discrimination by association which means less favourable treatment of a...

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