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How to defend your rights

How to defend your rights 

  • If you have any other questions, you may try to find the answer on Your Europe website.

If you have a problem with a private entity:

  • It is always recommendable to try firstly to reach an agreement and settle the dispute amicably.
  • In some cases you might file a complaint to an inspection authority – e. g. Labour Inspectorate [Oblastní inspektorát práce] in employment cases, Czech Trade Inspection Authority [Česká obchodní inspekce] in consumer cases (sale of goods and services), Czech School Inspection [Česká školní inspekce] in education cases, Regional Authority [krajský úřad] in health care cases, etc.; for more information see above the relevant chapters on our website
  • You may file a lawsuit – it is advisable to consult an attorney specialized in the relevant field of law firstly. Or you may make use of mediation.

If you have a problem with public entity/authority:

  • If you don’t agree with an administrative decision, you may challenge the decision – file an appeal [odvolání] or make use of another remedy [rozklad, námitky]. Information about available remedies are always at the end of the decision.
  • If no other remedy is available, you may file a complaint with the authority that deals with your case.
  • If you exhaust ordinary remedies, you may file a lawsuit. In such a case it is advisable to consult an attorney specialized in the relevant field of law firstly.
  • Alternatively to filing a lawsuit, you may turn to SOLVIT – SOLVIT is an online service provided free of charge which might help you to solve your problems with authorities if they don’t apply European Union law correctly. For more information see SOLVIT website .


In all cases, you may turn to Ombudsman – we may advise you on your rights and the best way how to defend your rights. There are also non-governmental organizations that provide assistance to foreigners.

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